Looking at increasing your website conversions rates. Well then, this blog is for you.

Getting traffic to your website is great, converting that traffic into real business is better. Increasing the conversion rate of your website is so important in modern-day online marketing. Every little bit helps. Let’s briefly illustrate this for effect before moving on to the meat of the blog. Say you are getting a 3.8% conversion rate from 1000 visits a month. Depending on your industry, that’s not too bad. You are doing business with 43 people on a monthly basis. If you can increase that by 0.5% that will give you an extra 5 deals a month. That’s 60 extra deals a month.

In perspective, a 0.5% increase in conversion rate has given you more than an extra month’s worth of business that year.

Increasing Conversion Rates

So how do you increase your conversion rates? Here is our collection of some of our techniques to increase conversion rates.

  1. Review existing conversion metrics

You hopefully have the data, so use it. Track how users are interacting with your site and what the like / dislike. Use this information to guide your changes.

  1. Make sure your site is responsive

I can’t believe I need to include this, but I’ve seen so many non-responsive sites that I need to include it. With the huge array of screen sizes out there it is more important than ever for your website to be responsive. Make sure that mobile users are not getting a poor experience and that you are not excluding this entire segment.

  1. Optimise Forms

Sometimes it feels like websites ask for the most obscure information (like your mother’s maiden name). Only ask for what you need in the moment. You can build on that and through discussion with the client, over time, get all the information you need. If you are too obtrusive your prospect will move on.

  1. Do you have a video?

Everybody loves video. According to Kissmetrics, viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. You can explain some complex systems with a quick video. Video is also great at quickly engaging your prospect.

  1. Optimise the Checkout Process

There’s not much to say on this but it is so important. Goo through the checkout process yourself and make sure it is intuitive and fast.

  1. Address objections

You know your industry and you know your clients. Address their objections early on so that they enter the funnel more at ease. This will help to reduce friction and move your prospects along the conversion funnel more smoothly.

  1. Focus Above the Fold

Most users are going to take a brief look at your site and if your key conversion elements are not there, they may leave before completing the action you want them to. Try to get your offers, buttons, and forms in this section.

  1. Simple and Distraction-Free

Now we are not saying don’t be creative, but don’t overwhelm your guest. Too many shiny, blinking, moving elements may distract your prospect and they may lose sight of what they need to do. Make the process as simple and distraction-free as possible.

  1. Test and Measure

Finally, test and measure your results and the changes you are making. Analytics and heat maps are your best friends in this regard. Find out how people are interacting with your site. Note which elements work and change those that are not.


Well, there you have it. Our 9 simple ways to boost your conversion rates. This is not an all-encompassing list, there is a lot more that goes into conversion rate optimisation but it’s a great starting point.