So you are running an SEO campaign or are looking at one and you find out that your [insert family member] can do SEO. Great, you think. I can get a bargain price and won’t be swindled by some agency. I’ll admit, you probably will save money – but the chances of you making any is incredibly slim.

I think sometimes we write as a cathartic exercise. I think this blog post is exactly that.

Why am I against it?

Now, for this blog, I am not talking about your [insert family member] that is working for an agency, or who professionally freelances as an online marketing specialist. I’m not talking about providing services for friends or family. I believe that if your service is good enough why wouldn’t you want to give them great results as well. I’m talking about little Johnny who is good with computers.

You should really want the best for your business. Hiring an expert in the field is always a wise decision. When I need advice on insurance, I look to my broker. When I need my car serviced, I go to an RMI accredited workshop. I’m a firm believer in hiring an expert to get the job done right (this is not to say that experts don’t make mistakes or get things wrong – but that’s another blog post entirely). For the best chance of success for your business – trust an expert.

I see a lot of websites with a lot of potential. Somewhat decent rankings, good website, the perfect platform to start a serious SEO campaign. Then you check back with them after the “SEO” has started and everything is a mess. A business that had shown massive potential online is now floundering online and has lost faith in online marketing.

So why use an agency?

If you need it, I have put together 4 reasons why your SEO should be handled by an agency.

  1. SEO is complicated. Google and other major search engines use complex algorithms to deliver their search results and if you are not up to date with these algorithms you will end up doing more harm than good.
  2. Online marketing experts understand Analytics. Being able to deep dive into the analytics of your website and find patterns and actionable areas of improvement is not something that just anyone can do. This is an expertise in itself and takes a fair amount of experience and patience to even begin to master.
  3. Lasting results are important. Making one or two changes that cause a spike in traffic is great. Continuously endeavouring to grow over time is better. Once off improvements fade and may never have the desired impact. However, an SEO agency focuses on long term results, growing your online presence over time, ensuring that your business is stable for the future.
  4. Lastly, a good SEO agency will offer more than just SEO. Having a company that can guide you into new marketing avenues to further grow your business is invaluable. Also, having all your online marketing in one place allows for integrated campaigns that talk to each other and produce exceptional results.


SEO is technical. It is also creative and analytical. I can’t deny that, with a bit of research, there are aspects that you can do yourself and get good results. However, an SEO agency will have a tried and tested methodology – that will be catered to your specific needs – and will know what is needed to help your company grow online.

Just like you wouldn’t get your [insert family member] who had Matchbox Cars growing up to overhaul your car engine, you shouldn’t have them driving your online marketing presence.

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