Are you a small business running your own social media? Then these are 9 mistakes that you will want to avoid to make the most of your efforts.

Social media marketing can look pretty easy to DIY for a lot of businesses. I mean how tough can it be; post a couple of pictures write something and voila there you have it, instant business.

Sadly, this isn’t really the case on social media platforms, and a strategic approach, that ticks a lot of boxes, needs to be taken to start producing results from social media. We know not every company can afford to have a dedicated social media expert monitoring and marketing their platforms, so we’ve put together a list of mistakes that we see all too often that could be holding your social media efforts back.

So here is our list of 9 mistakes you want to avoid

  1. Buying followers

Don’t buy followers. Besides looking spammy, what’s the point. Sure, you will have that number next to your name, but it doesn’t look good. Also, none of them are ever going to do business with you, so again, what’s the point.

  1. Ignoring the bio description.

I’ve seen way too many business Facebook profiles without any form of bio. Great, you are posting but how will anyone get any information about your business. All the fields are there for a reason. Don’t give potential customers a reason to go to any other page. Make sure that if they want information on your business, it is easy to access.

  1. Not developing a written marketing plan

Just posting for the sake of posting is not good enough. Just posting the first thing that comes to your head also won’t cut it. Have a plan. Post with reason and purpose. If you are not sure where and what your goals are how can you hit them?

  1. Ignoring your audience

Don’t ignore your audience, just don’t. If someone comments (especially if they ask a question) reply to them or give them a like. Ignoring your audience is akin to showing you don’t care about them. And if you don’t care about them, why should they care about you.

  1. Disregarding paid ads opportunities

Money is tight, but not investing in paid advertising opportunities on social media is the biggest mistake you can make. You don’t need the biggest ad budget in the world to reach your audience who are looking for your company. Every little bit of investment helps.

  1. Posting irregularly

Do a quick Google search for the best posting schedule for social media. If you have you will see about 597 000 000 different results, each with conflicting information. While I can’t tell you the best schedule for your industry (this will come with trial and error + see mistake 9 below), I can tell you to be consistent. Don’t post one time this week, then nothing for two months, then 20 posts in 10 minutes then nothing again for a month. Draw up a schedule and stick to that schedule. I’m not saying don’t ever change your schedule but be consistent and change with purpose.

  1. Deleting negative comments

I’m not sure what more to say about this. Be authentic and deal with negative comments. If someone is complaining on your post, it’s a good place to show off your fantastic customer service and get engaged with this client.

  1. Neglecting to proofread

It takes a few extra minutes to go over what you have written or created to make sure that it is not riddled with grammar issues and spelling mistakes. This sounds so simple because it is.

  1. Ignoring data

Social Media platforms provide a wealth of data. Coupled with Google analytics you have some pretty powerful metrics on your hand. Don’t go in blind and don’t run blind. Consult the data and make positive changes.


There is not one thing that you need to do that will make your social media skyrocket. It is a continuous directed effort that needs to be put in that will get your company rocking. Think about yourself and what you would like to see and how you would like it delivered to you if you were your customer. That will give you a good starting off point.

Remember like most forms of online marketing, it is an investment, not a once-off cost.

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